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Still Recovering!

With the help of ephemeralnoir I was able to deduce that I do/did in fact have the H1N1 thingy. Boy was it nasty too! I'm still feeling insanely tired and weak but I do feel lots better now that my fever broke. I had a fever for 5 days in a row that was so awful! Anyway I'm hoping to return fully to the land of the living soon!

Year End Book List!

I am insanely sick right now, but I want to post the books I read in 2009. This is a more expanded version than what's on my goodreads 2009 shelf. All said and done I read 40 books this year. Moving slowed me down as I knew it would. Still my hope was 50 but my goal was 36 so ultimately I'm happy with 40! I think I'll keep it the same for 2010 - my hope is to read 50 books, and my goal is to read at least 36. Also this year I'm still planning on reading as many books from you my friends as possible. So again if you've written something tell me about it so I can read you!

Click here for the full list of 40!Collapse )

First Snow!!!

Yesterday was our first snow in our new place. Well technically it started Sunday night. Everything looks so beautiful all covered in snow. Especially our cedar tree. There was so much snow that all our neighbors had the day off because of businesses being closed. It was so fun. We all made warm drinks and went from house to house. Then we bundled in for a movie. I was crazy cold last night. But the snow is still here this morning and will probably be here until Thursday. I LOVE IT!!!!

Quote for the Day

“When you haven't forgiven those who've hurt you, you turn back against your future. When you do forgive, you start walking forward.”
Tyler Perry


Quote for the Day...

“I have found that among its other benefits,
giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
Maya Angelou


Runes Runes Wonderful Runes

This post is flat out obscenely over due. One of the very first pieces of mail I received after moving was the most beautiful rune set ever, purchased from and made by the ever lovely lupagreenwolf . I just finished reading Beowolf and now I'm reading 'A Feminist Guide to the Runes' and feel very in touch with my nordic hertiage so this was just the perfect compliment to it all. I LOVE my new runes so much! They are so beautiful and so much easier to read than my other set. Plus they're in the cutest fur bunny pouch that suits me so well! Thanks Lupa they're so fabulous just like I knew they would be.


Okay Now It's Just Getting Silly

The fabulousness of our new home has become a joke around here since everyday we discover some new delight. But the one on Monday really takes the cake! Even more so since at that point we thought we'd finally reached the end of our wonderful discoveries. But no - the best was yet to come. So Monday we were walking around outside, chatting it up some with Zeke and we got on the subject of gardens. So we took that opportunity to ask Zeke something we've been wondering from the beginning. Where exactly does our property line end? We had assumed it ended in the back with the fence and gate. But ever since we got here everyone's been commenting on what a great garden space we have. Well come to find out that NO that's not the end of our property - not even a little! Turns out we actually have about TWICE the amount of land we originally thought we did!!!! Squee!!! It's so unbelieveable! Not only do we have twice the space but our newly discovered big garden space already has some treasures. Namely we found out we already have: Red Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Concord grapes (we already knew about that but we found out we have even  more of them), a beautiful HUGE white sage bush, and a beautiful little yarrow patch. Plus some extra Rosemary and Poke. There are huge plots already made. It's just more wonderful than I could have ever dreamed! Mark and I are so excited to get to spend the winter planning out our new spectacular garden!  It's not everyday that you find out you have twice the property you thought you did but your rent didn't change one bit!!! Once again I must say:  I LOVE MY NEW HOME!!!!

Quote for the Day...

“Health is wholeness and balance, an inner resilience that allows you to meet the demands of living without being overwhelmed.”
Andrew Weil, MD


Movie Musings...

Now that we're settled in Noel's back to his reviews. Here's his review of 'The Stepfather': http://www.2snaps.tv/9819698

New Moon in a New Home...

Last night our new neighbors Gail and Zeeke invited us over for dinner. It was a 'garden' dinner as everything but the steaks came straight from their garden . They have a truly amazing yard and they've already given us tons from it - tomatoes, potatoes, salsa, verde sauce, grapes. Yesterday was also a burn day so after dinner we all moved on down the road to our other neighbors Ken and Roxanne's place where they had a beautiful bonfire going. So we spent the night hanging by the fire with our new friends/family/neigbors. Mark tended the fire for a while which always makes him happy. Plus everyone oooh'd and awww'd over his fire tending so that was happy for him as well. Our new neighbors are very musically inclined and Zeeke is even part of a band which is sooooo lovely since every Wednesday and Friday from 7-9 we get live music! You can only hear it outside - not in our home. Which is also really nice that way if you're up for it you can go outside but if you're not you can putter around inside and not be disturbed. Plus everyone up here is super considerate. Anyways, Zeeke played the guitar and sang some really great songs for us, we fire gazed and had a generally fabulous first Dark Moon in our new place. Today I'm off to finish the creation of our circle space. Crazy little witch that I am I set up the first parts and decortorated our front porch for samhain before I even unpacked a single item of clothes for myself, before the kitchen was unpacked, and before we even got our stuff out of the front and back yard so it wouldn't be rained on last week. Now I'm eager to finish what I started and get that circle done. I'm off to be witchy now - heehee! Oh did I mention that we frickin' LOVE our new place?! *grin*


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