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Something Rich and Strange...

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First and foremeost, I am a Priestess of the Goddess. I received my first initiation April 30, 1999 under a beautiful Full Moon. Prior to that I studied for a year and a day; I also studied off and on for 2-3 years prior to my year and a day. Since that time I have continued studying various aspects of magick and witchcraft and am an avid reader of such topics. I also teach a variety of topics within magick and witchcraft and have for some time now. I am a certified Aromatherapist (with honors -heehee) and I also hold certificates in Herbal Healing, Holistic Nutrition, and Reiki.

Art is an important facet of my life. I find it necessary to suround myself with it as a means of inspiration and stimulation. I find great joy in textures, colors as well as black and whites, and the play of light and shadow.

I am passionate about bio-diversity, organic growing, and sustainable living. Equally important to me is culivating a positive attitude. I have a deep faith in the Law of Attraction and my husband and I both are committed 'joy-spreaders'. My main focus/goal in life is what I call 'putting things back'. I decided a while back that rather than being upset, angry or dismayed by all that has been lost over the centuries upon centuries: plants, healing & magickal lore, clean air, energy, water, and soil, reverance for the Goddess, peace and joy; that I would instead put it back. Through my life, my work, my actions, and my play I am always striving to put some of it all back. To that end I belong to and/or support the following organizations:

The Organic Consummers Association
Environmental Working Group
Environmental Defense Fund
The Seed Saver Exchange
Defenders of Wildlife
United Plant Savers
Sierra Club
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